阿部研究室では半年一回の頻度でのSPring-8で実験しています。48時間のマシンタイムで2泊3日の実験旅行と言えますw。「へーSPring-8って何?どこ?」と思う方はいらっしゃるかもしれませんがSPring-8は兵庫県にある大型放射光施設であります。自然が豊かなところで少しでも気分転換になります^^。SPring-8の名前はSuper Photon ringの省略ですけど、「8」は最大加速エネルギーの8GeVを示しているそうです。

BL15XUは上田先生という専門の方が担当されていて、HXRD(Hard X-Ray Diffraction)とHAXPES(Hard X-ray Photo Electron Spectroscopy)が行われています。


Hi there! It’s me, Sani, 2nd year PhD student in Abe lab ^ ^.

In Abe lab, we’ll go to Spring-8 every half year. The machine time is 48 hours, so, we stay there for 3 days and 2 nights. Some people might be wondering what is Spring-8 and where is it. Actually, SPring-8 is a synchrotron radiation facility located in Hyōgo Prefecture. It’s good place for breakaway (though technically you are still doing research, haha) as the place is rich in nature. The name Spring-8 is derived from Super Photon Ring and 8 indicates the maximum energy acceleration of 8GeV.

It’s a common facility with around 47 beam lines. We usually conduct our experiments at beam line 15 (BL15XU) which is owned by NIMS. The beamline is taken care by Professor Ueda, whereby HXRD(Hard X-Ray Diffraction) and HAXPES(Hard X-ray Photo Electron Spectroscopy) are carried out.

This time, our group consists of 3 members from Abe group (Prof Abe, Ms. Nishiguchi and Me) and 2 Tokyo Institute of Technology students from Miyauchi group. We were there for HAXPES. A higher quality of data could be obtained by HAXPES compared with a stand alone XPS as the incident X-ray penetrates deeper into the sample. To optimize our treasures 48 hours machine time, we’ve worked in 3 shifts system. Basically, we did the experiment at day time and though the night as well. I’m analyzing and making graphs from the obtained data and planning to use it for my paper that I’m currently writing.^ ^